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Posted October 27th, 2009 at 5:18 pm

Below is a list of the found guns with “Red Text”. These are special weapons that usually have some sort of unique trait like bullets that multiply, regenerate bullets, or any number of crazy things Gearbox came up with. Thanks to Hyperion88 from the gbx forums for compiling.

Source: http://gbxforums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=76822

Sometimes, I forget to reload… : Unlimited clip/ammo.

A lead wind blows… : Fire two bullets on every shot. (SMG)

Tear it up. : Strangely similar bonus to above. Found on a weapon with burst fire so hard to be certain of exact effect. (SMG)

Makes their brains hurt. : Fires multiple bullets on every shot. (Sniper Rifle)

Feel the sting. : Fire two bullets on every shot. (Sniper Rifle)

Bring the HEAT! : Explosive Rounds. (Revolver)

Ahhh…Fresh Meat : Burst Fire. (Shotgun)

I can do this all day… : Ammo Regen (Shotguns)

Unending Firepower : Ammo Regen (Revolver)

Never stop shooting! : Ammo Regen (Repeater Pistol)

Hallelujah! : Ammo Regen (SMG)

Ammo is no longer an issue. : Ammo Regen. (Repeater)

Beware of the Horde! : Rocket divides into multiple warheads dependant on the distance travelled. (Rocket Launcher)

Drop the Hammer! : Fully automatic fire for shotguns

Hold your ground… Forever. : Ammo Regen (Combat Rifle)

2 more bullets make all the difference : Adds a 2 round burst per shot.

Monster Kill! : Fires multiple rockets simultaneously. (Rocket Launcher)

We don’t need no water… : Explosive Rounds. (SMG)

Ride the Wave Dude! : Wave of bouncing bullets.

Aim for the Sniper :

I got boohoo :

Walk it off :

Why don’t you go shoot yourself an elephant? : Massive Damage, no scope. (Sniper Rifle)

Long and Strong : Chance to Daze enemies. (Revolver)

PEW PEW PEW! : (Possible) Chance for a bullet to home in on a target. (Eridian)

The Cutting Edge : Shots have a chance to ignore shields. (If someone can test if this is a % chance or a guaranteed effect)

Bring out your Dead! :

Pele needs a sacrifice! : Massive Fire Damage.

Give Sick. : High chance Corrosive damage, effect has a chance to transfer to nearby enemies.

I LIKE IT! : Massive Explosive Damage (???) (Sniper Rifle) (???) turns whatever you shoot into a bomb (unconfirmed)

It’s a painful thing. :

I spy with my little eye… : Massive Zoom. (Sniper Rifle)

The all seeing eye. : Massive Zoom. (Combat Rifle)

The ultimate close quarters feline. :

Omnia Vincit Amor :

Sniper Killer… Qu’est que c’est : Fully Automatic. (Sniper Rifle)

Cross their heart, hope they die : Bullets fire in a cross shaped spread pattern. (Shotgun)

Lightning Never strikes the same place twice, but it can stike freaking everywhere! : AoE Lightning Effect. (Eridian)

Big Tony says “Hi” : Massive Clip. (Repeater pistol)

Guns of the Revolution never fall silent. : Massive Clip. (Combat Rifle)

One Bad Dog : Massive Clip. (Shotgun) [Unsure, please confirm, seems to be the case]

Holy crap it shoot rockets! : Turns each round into a single warhead explosive. (Shotgun)

“I feel like I’m gonna break this thing.” : (Eridian) Slows walking speed apparently. Fire Lightning.

BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM! : Full clip burst when fired. Only while scoped. (Sniper Rifle)

The destructor has come. : Full clip burst when fired. Only while scoped. (Combat Rifle)

Invade your skull. : Full clip burst when fired. Only while scoped. (Repeater)

The living legend. :

The Unstoppable Force! : Rocket explodes periodically in flight. (Rocket Launcher)

I have you in my eyes, sir. :

For the Motherland : Rapid Reload. (Sniper Rifle)

It dives! : Rockets have an arc trajectory. (Rocket Launcher)

It rises! : Exactly the same as above.

Thwack! : (Speculated) Daze Effect? Shield Bypass? (Sniper Rifle)

Smack ‘em : (SMG)

It’s a helluva thing… :

And they call me maaaaaaaaaaad! : Zig Zag Bullets. (Revolver)

A hunter lives among the stars… Chance to do Random Lightning damage in vicinity of user when fired. [Which weapon class?]

War is in your blood. :

May God have mercy on my enemies, because I won’t. : (Revolver)

A beast of many forms – Fire, Lightning, and Poison. : Bullets alternate between the 3 elemental damage types on every shot. (Revolver)

Vengeance is yours. :

Sniper rifles are for chumps. : Some debate over the effect, please confirm.

Your Move, Creep. :

TORGUE! Bastard Guns for Bastard People! : Massive Damage. (Combat Rifle)

Have a nice day ! Fires Smiley Faces (unconfirmed)

I spy with my little eye : Unknown effects

A watchful eye : Unknown effects

Fools! They called me maaaad! : Adds Bouncing Bullets with Crazy Zig-Zag trajectory; somewhat similar in effect to “Catch a Wave, Dude!”

A Gift from Papa Krom :  Burst when aiming and full automatic when shooting from the hip

The legend lives : 10000% burst fire count (Sledge’s Shotgun)

Pele needs a sacrifice! : Unconfirmed Effects (possibly random elements)

One Bad Dog : Massive Clip (unconfirmed)

A hunter lives among the stars… : Unknown effects

A beast of many forms – Multiple random elemental effects

Five heads of death : (shotgun) fires a horizontal line of bullets

Sniper Rifles Are For Chumps : Very high accuracy bonus

The ultimate close quarters feline – shoots bullets in a corkscrew trajectory that can bounce off walls

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