Secret Armory – Everything you need to know

Posted February 20th, 2010 at 7:38 pm

On Friday, the internet unleashed a barrage of Videos and previews for the upcoming 3rd DLC “The Secret Armory of General Knoxx”.  We went through and compiled all the information into what you need to know.  Check after the jump for the breakdown and all the videos and new screenshots.

  • No release date yet.  ”Very Very Soon”
  • 10 bucks – Standard DLC price
  • The level cap has been confirmed at 61.  Turning it up by 11
  • Skill points will accumulate from all 11 levels.
  • Weapon Proficiencies are not raised
  • You can play in first playthrough or second.
  • There are 44 new missions
  • There are 10 new achievements for 250 more Gamerscore.  Check them all out HERE
  • There are new weapons, and a new weapon coloring called “pearlescent”
  • New weapons go up to level 60
  • A level 64 boss enemy “Crawmerax the Invincible” appears after you complete the main story, and has a higher pearlescent drop rate.
  • People without the DLC will be able to see the new items from friends, but not use them.
  • NPCs now have better, more lifelike animations.
  • The DLC continues the story of Borderlands, picking up right after the ending.
  • The new area is called “The Parched Fathoms” and is a dried out lake.  Dry, sandy, more of the same
  • The Atlas Corporation is pissed at you, and sends the Crimson Lance after you.  Expect lots more Lance battles.
  • The goal is to get to the Armory and defeat General Knoxx
  • Athena is a Crimson Lance defector that helps you similar to the guardian angel
  • Scooter and Marcus return, as well as Moxxi from DLC2
  • There are three new vehicles, all earned through quests.
  • Vehicles only work in the new DLC, you can’t take them to other areas
  • One is a 4-person vehicle called “The Lancer”.  The positions are  Driver, Gunner, Mine-layer, and a “Blast Seat” to knock off close range enemies.
  • A second is “The Monster” and is a “souped up version of the runner”
  • Third vehicle is a racer built for speed.
  • There are “20-30 new enemies”.  I figure this means 8 or 9 all with variations.
  • “Lance Assasins” are one new enemy.  Fast acrobatic ninjas with swords.
  • “Lance Probe” is a flying sentry enemy and poses higher threats to vehicles
  • “Lance Combat Medic” new enemy can throw down healing turret to heal other enemies.
  • “Lance Rocketeer” is a jetpack-equipped flying asshole.  Oh noes.
  • “Lance Shock Trooper” uses shock weapons and is resistant to shock element.
  • “Lance Pyro” has a flamethrower, resistant to fire element.
  • All new enemies have Badass variations
  • New chest variations are available
  • Lance Chest is twice the size of Red Chests, and have a higher chance for the best drops
  • New “Drifter” enemy looks just like a HL2 walker.  Dangerous to vehicles.
  • Midgets have domesticated skags and now ride them
  • Riders are two enemies in one.  Kill one, the other must be killed as well.
  • “Badass Skag Rider” = Badass Skag + Badass Midget.  Run.
  • “Skag Rapporee” is an Alpha Skagg with THREE midgets riding it.  Yes.
  • “Devastator” enemy is a large mech.  Looks tough.
  • One boss is named “Ajax”, flies on a jetpack.


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