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Posted November 27th, 2010 at 12:13 pm

If you are like me, you beat DLC4 a long time before getting close to collecting all the various items that are tied to the achievements/trophies of Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution. After getting frustrated at the drop rate of bobbleheads and pizza, I found this nifty way to get the items with minimal effort.

Long story short:

  • Get To MINAC
  • Hide behind a rock near the respawn area
  • Go to bed
  • Wake up to hundreds of claptrap drops

Xbox 360 Note: Make sure you are using a wired controller or a play n charge kit with the battery pack removed, or your game may pause when the controller goes to sleep.

A little more explanation:

To start off, you are farming for the following items: 25 Oil Cans, 15 Claptrap Bobble-heads, 5 3D Glasses, 5 Panties, 5 Clapfish, and 15 Pizza.  The 15 Bobbleheads will take the longest because of their low drop rate, followed by the Oil Cans, and Pizza.  You may have to use this method two or three times before you get everything, but it takes minimal effort, just a lot of time (don’t worry, you will probably be sleeping).

The idea here is to farm the MINAC, the last boss of DLC4.  If all you want is achievements, it is best to do this on Playthrough 1, since it will be very easy to run a high level character to the end of the DLC.  Even if you haven’t completed Playthrough 1 on DLC4, you should do this for the extra skill point. It is a very quick (30-45 minute process) to get to the end with a high level character.

You can also knock out the “The Collector” achievement by doing the above method multiple times and turning in the quest each time at Tannis.

It really is best to let your game sit over night for 7-10 hours, but if you are getting close collecting enough Bobbleheads/Oil Cans, you can do shorter intervals.

The best spot to sit is going to be behind the rocks here:


The turrets may still be able to hit you, but if you are on Playthrough 1 with any decent shield and a high level character, it shouldn’t be enough to kill you.  If you want to be safe, you can simply take out the turrets on the MINAC before you do your hide-n-sleep.

When you return, there will be gobs of claptrap parts and quest drops all over the place.  If you want them to be in a neater pile, you can stand near the respawn area and the claptraps will typically come and explode in that area, but I find the framerate drop and higher occurrence of freezing with all that loot in one area to be a little annoying. Also, if you don’t hide behind the rocks, you will be constantly dying so you’ll lose your bazillions, though getting money is about the easiest thing you can do in Borderlands.

It’s obviously easiest to simply go to bed and return multiple hours later, but you can come back periodically and pick up the drops, then return to hiding if you don’t find enough.  It took me around 20 hours of idling to get all of my items (2 nights of sleep and some periodic checking in on a third day), but I had already found quite a bit from the normal playthroughs.  The drops are random, and like I mentioned above, the Bobbleheads, Oil Cans, and Pizza are going to take the longest and have the lowest drop rate.  If you want to speed up the process, you can actively kill the spawning claptraps, or do a youtube search for MINAC farming for some slightly different methods, but many of them require modding or don’t really increase the rate fast enough to make up for the fact that you simply put your controller down and go to sleep for the above method.

Thanks to this thread at xbox360achievements.org for the original find.

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